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Vimont Toyota is where you'll find Toyota's award-winning hybrid lineup, from their smart design to the variety of offered models, the reasons to choose a Toyota hybrid vehicle have never been so abundant.

The hybrid vehicles

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RAV4 Hybrid

Prius Prime Hybrid

Prius C Hybrid

Prius Hybrid

Highlander Hybrid

Corolla Hybrid

Camry Hybrid

Prius AWD-e Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles recharge while you drive by converting kinetic energy and storing any surplus energy - they never have to be plugged in. 

Plus, they do not require any additional maintenance, you do not have to change your driving and refueling habits.

Toyota hybrids work in complete transparency between the electric mode, the gasoline mode, or a combination of both.

When starting, accelerating, braking, reversing or stopping, the vehicle automatically adapts its engine usage to provide the ideal combination of power and maximize fuel economy. 

As a result, the vehicle produces 70% less emissions than conventional gasoline engines, without any sacrifice in performance and without the need to plug it in.

Toyota’s Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota offers the most varied hybrid range on the market and makes no compromises.

What are the reasons for having a Toyota Hybrid Vehicle?

Since their launch, Toyota’s hybrid vehicles have avoided more than 94 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, and, by 2050, Toyota is committed to reducing emissions from its new vehicles by 90%.

The original battery, of over 98% of Toyota hybrid vehicles sold in Canada since 2001, has never been replaced. All hybrid components, including the hybrid battery, are covered by an 8-year or 160,000-kilometer warranty. When the time comes, the batteries can be recycled for another use.

Toyota's hybrid vehicles are designed to deliver performance levels similar to, and sometimes higher than, equivalent gasoline vehicles.

All Toyota hybrid vehicles have been designed for the cold climate and tested accordingly, they are ready to face the harsh Quebec winters.

-All hybrid vehicles come standard with Toyota Safety Sense.

Reduce your

carbon footprint


designed to last

Powerful performance

Winter Ready

Toyota Safety Sense

TSS is an advanced suite of safety features designed to increase driver alertness and decision-making. The TSS suite prevents or reduces the consequences of certain types of frontal collisions, keeps the driver in the lane and improves road safety during night driving. As one of Toyota’s priorities is to ensure that everyone arrives safely, the TSS suite is standard in virtually every vehicle in the collection.

All hybrid vehicles come standard with Toyota Safety Sense.

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